Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a photographer.

I’ve been taking photos for around 10 years now and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bottom line is: I like working for interesting people, that don’t take life too seriously and want beautiful, natural & REAL wedding photos.

I love a good story and find great interest in how everyones journey in life is totally different. Do you wanna know mine? (I’ll keep it short, promise!)

Here it goes….

I was born, grew up and live on the South coast in Portsmouth.
Riding my Vespa along the seafront is the absolute best I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that isn’t near the sea.

I live here with my wonderful wife Rowena. We met when we were 16 and married in 2014 on our 10th anniversary as a couple. Shes my best friend, biggest supporter and tolerates my awful singing and terrible jokes.

My other great passion in life is Music.
Depsite having next to no musical talent whatsoever, I’ve made up for that by photographing countless live bands over the years and also co-present a weekly Indie Music show on Express FM.

If you want to see some of my music photography’ Click

Back in the day I trained to be a pro-wrestler, but thats a totally different story!
These days I try to stay healthy by going for a run a couple of times a week.
I find it great for my headspace (and also allows me to eat more cake).
I might not be fast, but don’t mind long distances. I’ve ran Brighton Marathon twice and hope to get a place for London one day.


There’s a John Lennon quote about being asked at school what he wanted to be when he grew up, to which he simply replied ‘Happy’.
Now, I love John Lennon (I have his portrait tattooed on my arm) and think that being ‘Happy’ is all anyone really wants.

Photographing Weddings makes me happy, which is why I made it my job.

If I sound like the kind of person you’d like photographing your wedding, or you wanna get a beer together so you can find out, drop me a message HERE.