Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a photographer.

Don’t worry! I’m not about to feed you some cliché about how I was ‘born with a camera in my hands’ as its simply not true.

The bottom line is, I like working for people that have a similar outlook on life to me.

Art & Photography in any form is an expression of self, so it makes sense that I want to have common ground with the people I photograph; and (hopefully) you want someone that isn’t out of place amongst your friend group capturing your special day.

So here it goes….

I was born, grew up and still live on the South coast in Portsmouth.
Riding my Vespa along the seafront is something I’ll ever tire of, and I don’t think I could ever move somewhere that isn’t near the sea.

I live here with my wonderful wife Rowena. We met when we were just 16 and married in 2014 on our 10th anniversary as a couple. Shes my best friend, biggest supporter and tolerates all my awful singing and terrible jokes.

I’m quite informal; I love the fact that I don’t have to wear a tie to work and can be nothing other than myself. This is a quality that I hope you adopt for your wedding day and allow your personality, interests and relationship to outshine tradition and formality on your day.

The other great love of my life (besides my wife & photography) is Music. Depsite having no musical talent whatsoever, I’ve made up for that by photographing hundreds of live bands over the years and also co-present an Indie Music show every week on Express FM.
If you want to see some of my music photography’ Click

I try to stay healthy and go for a run a couple of times a week. I’m not the fastest, but don’t mind the distance. I’ve ran Brighton Marathon twice and enter the ballot for London every year.

There’s a John Lennon quote about being asked at school what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he simply replied ‘Happy’.
Now, I love John Lennon (I have his portrait tattooed on my arm) and think that being ‘Happy’ is all anyone really wants.

Taking Photographs makes me happy, which is why I made it my career.

If I sound like the kind of person you’d like to photograph your wedding day, or even get a beer with to find out if I am, drop me a message HERE.