2018 - End of Year Slideshow

2018 - In Review:

Another year and another incredible one for weddings. 31 amazing couples placed their faith in me to capture their wedding day, which still blows my mind and fills me with determination and excitement to do the best I can.

Despite not leaving the UK, I’ve photographed in 30˚ degree heat and also torrential rain, each bringing their own challenges and unique shots to be captured.

This year I’ve tried to be more present on Facebook and Instagram and share images along the way, so you may have seen a few of these photos pop up on my feed throughout the year.
That said, In the same vein as last years slideshow, I’ve tried to avoid too many picturesque couple photos and focus more on what I feel I do best, capture moments and tell stories.

With the sunsets I’ve seen and beautiful places I’ve visited, it would be almost too easy to make a slideshow of those; so I’ve been a little bit selfish and picked the photos that I LOVE MOST! the unplanned moments, the crazy characters, the laugh out louds, the bits you love that you could never have planned in a million years.

I also want this slideshow to show new couples what they can expect if they book me to photograph their day for them too.

Every year I seem to take more and more photos, which makes the job of putting this together even harder. This slideshow includes around 180 images, which doesn’t even equate to 1% of the photos I’ve delivered back to wedding clients this year.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with this year; from my couples, their families and friends, other suppliers, venue owners, the list goes on…
You’ve all been integral in making 2018 such a blast and I really hope I get to see and work with as many of you as possible in the year to come.

So grab yourself a drink (and maybe the tissues) sit back; open this full-screen, set to HD , pump up the volume and let my year unfold...

Thanks a million,

Tom x