These are a few questions that I get asked alot, so I figured it'd be easier to write a piece that may some of the questions you have before booking me!

Q. How much deposit do you require to book?

£250 - This is a non-refundable booking fee, that secures the date in my diary for your wedding and is deducted from the final balance.

Q. When do we pay the final balance for our Wedding?

It must be paid 2 weeks before your wedding date, although many couples prefer to pay it earlier, around a month before.

Q. How long do you stay on a Full-Day Wedding?

 I like to arrive at the House/Hotel room around 2 hours before the Ceremony time for Bridal preparation photographs, and stay through until around an hour after your 1st Dance, so I can capture the evening atmosphere too. Whether this makes it an 8, 10 or 12 hour day, I won't leave until I feel satisfied I have captured everything I need to give you a well-rounded document of your day.

Q. Do you work alone or have a Second Shooter?

Primarily I prefer to work alone. If your wedding has more than 100 guests I’ll bring an assistant with me to help with arranging group photos etc.

I have worked with Second Shooters in the past, and always found it a frustrating experience; I just work twice as hard to make sure nothing is missed!
I believe that my style of photography is instinctive, and comes from 'me', so if I shared the shooting, it would give you a conflict of styles in your images.

(That and I love the control! I know if I do it myself, its not missed and done to my high standard!)

Q. Do we need to feed you on the day?

I don't insist on it, but it is much appreciated if you do. Full-Day weddings can be 10-12 hours of work for me, and I'll always perform better when I'm not hungry! Most venues/caterers offer a small 'suppliers' option and this will be fine to keep me going on the day. If you can't supply a meal, let me know and I'm happy to bring a pack-up with me.

 Q. How long can we expect to wait for our photos?

This stage is where your wedding photos come to life and I spend hours making sure everything is perfect before returning them to you.

I aim to have a couple of previews edited, with you and on my Social Media within 24 hours of the day. From then I'll go through the rest of the images, edit and colour grade in the style you see on here until they're all done!

 The whole turnaround is usually anything between 4-6 weeks from your wedding day. This depends on time of year and how many other weddings I have on at that particular time. 

Q. Will you visit the venue before the day?

I don't usually, unless there is good reason. In all cases I always arrive early enough on the day to have a good look around the venue and find the best places to take your photos. I've come to find this is the best way as I can react to the venue as it is ON your day, and with the weather/conditions we have to work with. If you particularly want a venue visit, we can arrange this prior to the day.

 Q. Do we get ALL the photos you take?

Yes and No. I obviously take out any blurred, dark or un-useable images from the vast amount I shoot on the day. What is left, gets edited and colour graded in my style and given back to you. This means the number you receive can vary slightly.

I'd never be one of those photographers that only gives you a set number of images back, and charge you more for the rest of them. Everything that comes from your day, is yours.

Q. Can we really do what we want with the photos?

They are your images to do whatever you please with. Feel free to print them off, share them with family and friends, upload to Facebook etc or make your own Album/Photo-books with them.

All I ask is that you don't sell your images commercially. That aside, go crazy!

Q. Can we have a copy of the Un-edited Photos too?

Unfortunately not. All the photographs you see have been carefully edited & colour graded by myself to best represent my style of photography and provide consistency across the board. I only edit for light & colour and remove the odd real distraction. I’d never alter body image or size to anyone in this process.
I also consider my editing style to be a huge part of my identity as a photographer and hopefully part of the reason you'd like to book with me. 

Q. Are you insured??

Yes I have £5m Public Liability cover for myself, my gear and my assistant.
If your venue needs proof of this, let me know and I'll be happy to provide them with my certificate.

 Q. What cameras do you use?

I’ve recently made the switch from the Nikon DSLR system over to Sony Mirrorless. I won’t bore you with the technicalities of it, but I made the switch over as I feel these cameras are better for the style of photography that I make, and allow me to capture your day better than before!

Q. What happens if we lose our photos, break our USB etc?

Don't panic! I always keep an archive of all the work I shoot; in the event of a Hard Drive failure or you lose your USB stick, I can provide you with a replacement at a small cost to cover the new USB.

Q. What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?

In all my time as a photographer it has never happened, and luckily I'm rarely ill at all. That said, I do have a good network of other photographers of a similar skillset to me, who would step in and photograph your day for you.

Q. Do you offer any other packages than advertised or offer discounts?

Absolutely! If the 'full-day' option isn't for you, drop me an e-mail with what you have in mind and I'll see what I can do.

Please bear in mind that on Saturdays in Prime Wedding season (April-Sept), I won't be able to take on 2 or 3 hour weddings.

In terms of discounts, I do a number of small scale mid-week weddings/elopements and am happy to price these accordingly. In turn if your getting married at short notice (less than 3 months) and I'm not booked, I'm happy to discount this too.


If you have a question that is not included in the above, drop me an e-mail HERE and I'll do my upmost to get back to you ASAP. I'm happy to help where I can :s