Tommy & Hazel

I first met Tommy & Hazel at their home after a short e-mail conversation just short of a year away from their wedding. They were originally booked in at another venue, which fell through and led them to booking the stunning Vineyard venue.

This was my 1st time at Three Choirs Vineyard in Wickham, and what a venue! Also it couldn't have been better weather for an outdoor wedding. The sun shone and shone without a cloud in the sky; which made it feel as if you could have quite easily been stood in a Vineyard in the Spanish Riviera, far from it's true location on the south coast of England.

Tommy, Hazel and all their guests were great fun to be around and made me feel like I've known them for years. Everyone seemed to think that me and the Groom looked uncannily alike, which may of helped, but it made the day a joy to shoot all the same.

Its always great to be given a degree of free-reign by a couple who allow you to just 'do your thing' and make some great photos for them without the pressure of a 'must-get' list to tick off.

Anyway on with the photos; this is just my selection from the over 500 finished images they received...



Thanks again to Tommy & Hazel for allowing me to share their wonderful day with them; to Ed & his team at Three Choirs for providing such a beautiful location, and service on the day and Rowena for her awesome assisting skills as always.

Words, Photography & Retouching all by Tom Langford -