Jenny & Pete

Jenny & Pete found me through my website, after being recommended by a few different friends of theirs, and booked my services around a year prior to their wedding.

After meeting with them and telling me the plans for their day, I was instantly excited and couldn't wait for their day to arrive. I wouldn't go as far as to say their wedding had an all-out 'theme' but was definitely inspired and styled around the idea of 1950's Americana.

The table flowers styled to look like Ice-cream sundaes, the polka-dot bridesmaids dresses and the most AMAZING white Cadillac as their wedding car, all worked perfectly in giving this wedding a true sense of a 1950's American diner.

I won't say too much more as the photos really do the talking with this one, However I want to thank Jenny & Pete for being so laid back and trusting me to 'do my thing' and give them some photos they were truly happy with.

They allotted time after the service and on-route to the reception to stop for couple photos, allowing us the right timeframe and locations to give them the best I could. This meant the time I spent with the guests was purely to get candids and tell the story of a wonderful day....

Massive Thanks to Jenny & Pete for letting me share their spectacular day, Newtown House Hotel for providing such a wonderful venue and Rowena on super-assissting duty!

Words & Photos all by Tom Langford -