Teri & Shane

As a keen Scooterist & Vespa owner, I'd known Teri & Shane through the scene for a few years before they got engaged.

When they asked me to photograph their day for them, I was brimming with excitement as I knew their day would be a vintage extravaganza and true reflection of their 'Mod' fashion sense and cool personalities too.

Photographing a friends wedding can be equally as daunting as it is a privilege; whilst you already have a relationship with your subjects making them instantly more comfortable with you, there is an added pressure to make amazing photos. In addition to this, most of the work I make is candid and relies on me getting amongst guests and documenting the day. When you know most of the guests in the wedding party and they want to stop and chat, it can make it tricky to keep moving and snapping away without ignoring friends who want to talk.

That said, I had an absolute ball photographing Teri & Shane's day; it was every bit as cool & mod-tastic as I'd hoped. From Teri's hand-made dress (by herself!) and Shane's bespoke suit, to the old-school transport, topped off by The Small Fakers' providing the soundtrack for the evening.

Anyway, here's my pick of the 500ish finished images I gave back to them...


Huge Thanks to Teri & Shane for trusting me, and pretty much giving me free reign on the photos for their day. It's truly great when someone trusts you and your abilities to get whats needed without too much instruction.

Thanks to all their family and friends that made the day such fun to be part of, and to everyone that helped out and provided something for the day; The transport, help with the dress, the band, DJ's and hair & make-up, were all done by friends of this wonderful couple.

One last photo from me; here's the awesome gift that Teri surprised Shane with at the Reception! All hand painted and the picture matches Shane's own Lambretta for a personal touch.

All Words & Pictures by Tom Langford - www.weddingsbytom.co.uk