This page is designed to help you decide whether I'm the right photographer for you. There's ALOT of us out there (literally thousands!) to choose from, all with different styles and angles on wedding photography. This page should hopefully help you decide whether I'm the 'the one' for you (or not, as the case maybe!)

If you want me find out more 'About Me' in general, head to this page HERE.

When the day is all said and done, Memories & Photographs are the things that last and having AMAZING photos helps keeps those memories alive.

 Out of all your suppliers, I'm the one you'll have the most direct contact with throughout your day, making it vitally important that you like 'me' as well as my photography. Without this you won't feel 100% at ease in my company, making it difficuly for me to get truly natural photos of the day.
I want you to be able to look back on your photos and smile, have a laugh, maybe even shed a tear, but primarily remember the f**king awesome occasion
that was your wedding day, not how awkward you felt having a stranger chase you round taking your photograph.


Before the wedding day even arrives, I’d aim to have met with you at least once (but hopefully twice!) to have a chat about the day and get to know each other too. This can be at your house, or a coffee shop/pub if you'd prefer. I also do Skype/Facetime meetings with couples who live far away.

As well as grabbing some info about your wedding, I usually spend this time mainly chatting about YOU. I want to understand you, how you both met and got to this awesome position of planning your wedding day!
I think the best weddings are reflections of your personalities as well as a celebration of love and this chat is great to tell me all about that.

'we’re really bad at having our photo taken though! '

I hear this all the time, and it’s never stopped me from taking cool photos of anyone on their wedding day.
Cheesy wedding poses make me die a little inside, so we'll definitely leave those out. (No jumping, or peeking out from behind trees required!)
I do my best to keep things as natural and fun as possible, but offer dierection where its needed so you both look super cool and totally rock your couple photos!

I shoot every wedding from the inside; which basically means I won’t be stood on the sidelines with a long lens. I’ll get amongst it, chat with your guests and really immerse myself into your day. I believe that by doing this means you'll receive a set of photos reminiscent of real moments and the people who attended.

As well as being a Natural Wedding Photographer, I'm also an honest one; Whatever happens on your day is what will get photographed.
If it rains, they'll be rain in your photos!  If someone falls over, they'll be photos of them falling over.
I want the pictures I take to form a true account of what happened, not a 'fiction' of how it unfolded. I often find its the little things that create the biggest memories from the day. At this point its worth noting that all the images on this site are taken by me, at real weddings and are all completely natural and unposed (not by me, anyway!)

When it comes to group photos; I think its important to have some, but them not become the focus of the day. I like to make a personalised list to fit you & your requirements before the day, so we can get through them quickly and efficiently but also with nobody important being forgotten. I like to keep the lists fairly short (around 10-15 max) and the whole 'group' process to take less than 20 minutes so you can get back to enjoying your day.

At most weddings I'll try and split the couple portraits into 2 sections: one just before the meal and the second being around Sunset or the 'Golden Hour' as its often known. Having your couple photos taken in 2 sections makes it feel a little less 'full-on' and also means you get a wider variety of couple shots in different lighting/ times of day.

(Let's face it, who doesn't love a good sunset photo!?)

At the end of the day, and it's something I can't stress enough; great natural photos always happen when you feel most at ease and comfortable.
The same goes for me too..
I always make my best work when I’m left to my own devices and capture moments as they occur. I can’t capture real moments if I’ve got my nose stuck in a long list of required shots. A simple schedule of the day, and a short list of the required formal groups is all I need.

If you've made it this far, had a look at some of my photos and think I could be 'the one' to photograph your wedding,
head over the contact page and let’s start a conversation about it!

Tom x