Natural, Honest, Real & Fun!

Hopefully by now you’ve realised by now that I’m not a ‘traditional’ photographer.
So whilst you won’t find me wearing a suit to your wedding, or spend ages working through a long list of formal photos
I’ll work hard, embrace the chaos and provide you with a set of REAL photographs that documents your day exactly how it all went down.

Standing at the edges of a room and people watching with a long lens isn’t how I work; I get involved in conversations, make connections and capture moments. The result is a set of beautiful photographs that aren’t contrived, but expertly composed, totally natural and full of emotion.

'we’re really bad at having our photo taken though! '

I don’t think theres many people on this planet that can honestly say they ‘enjoy’ being photographed.
For me, its the thought of how I feel I’m supposed to present myself for a photo that frightens me. I’d much rather a photo be taken in a spontaneous moment of fun or activity; which is something I strive for throughout the day, especially during the couple shoot, so it captures you and your partner as naturally as possible.

I’m not afraid to offer words of direction or encouragement if needed during your couple photos. My main aim is to make you both:
A) feel at ease having your photo taken
B) Have the best time during the shoot
C) Make some damn cool shots of you that you’ll love forever!

I also pride my photography on being extremely honest in its approach. If it rains on your wedding day, they’ll be rain your photos!
I believe you can find beauty in any circumstance and its how you embrace that and work with it that matters most.
I’ve photographed crying dads, flower girls picking their nose during the ceremony and even guests falling over on the dancefloor. If it happened, I do my upmost to make sure theres photographic evidence!