This page is designed to give you an idea of how I operate and how I could work for you, if you were to pick me as the photographer for your day.

If you want me find out more 'About Me' in general, head to this page HERE.

As far as operating the camera goes, I've got professional qualifications and years of experience to be able to do that well; but the rest of the day is a complete collaboration.....

It's not my wedding; the guests are not my family or friends, but for your day they need to feel like I am. They need to feel relaxed around me and my camera so I can capture your day as 'one of you'. I want to capture your wedding from the inside, from the heart of the action; not as a bystander or onlooker to what's going on. Someone once told me "If you need a long lens to shoot something, then your just not close enough".

"I don't 'make' the photos, you and your guests do that, I just capture what happens in front of me!"

With this in mind, I pride myself on being more than just a photographer; I've fixed buttonholes, secured Bride's veils, given lifts to stranded guests, helped a groom tie a bow-tie from a YouTube tutorial on my phone, the list goes on. The fact is, I'm the supplier you will have to spend the most time with on your day, so its vitally important that you understand (and like!) me as a person as well as the photos I create, otherwise you won't feel 100% at ease and get the photos of your day that you want.

I want you to look back on your photos and smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear, but remember it as the amazing occasion it was, not remember how uncomfortable you felt having a stranger chase you around taking your photo all-day.

If I sound like the kind of person you'd like to shoot your wedding for you; get in touch over on the contact page and we can talk some more.


It may sound odd, but this explains my thought process and what goes through my mind when shooting a wedding.

When approaching any wedding, I always shoot with these words in mind: 'Creative, Relaxed, Natural, Honest & Fun!'

Before the wedding day even arrives, I try to meet with you at least once (but hopefully twice!) to have an informal chat about the day's proceedings. As well as gaining information about you day. This also gives me a chance to spend some time in your company and hopefully releive any worries you may have about having your photo taken. I dislike having my photo taken and understand it can seem a daunting prospect; hopefully after the meeting I won't feel so much like a stranger and the process will seem less of a worry.

When the day arrives, I like to get amongst the guests and capture the proceedings in a fun and relaxed manner. If I see something I like, it gets snapped. To me, the photos I take must build a vivid memory of the day as it unfolds. If you were to show them to someone who wasn't at your wedding, they'd get an experience as close to being part of it as possible; and for those that did attend, it takes you right back and allows you to relive the day all over again.

This is where the 'honest' bit comes in; whatever happens on your day is what gets photographed. If it rains, they'll be rain in your photos! If someone falls over, they'll be photos of them falling over. I want the pictures I take to form a true account of what happened, not a 'fiction' of how it unfolded; I often find its the little things that create the biggest memories from the day. At this point its worth noting that all the images on this site are taken by me, at real weddings and around 90% of them are completely natural and unposed (not by me, anyway!)

When it comes to group photos; I think its important to have them, but them not become the focus of the day. I like to make a personalised list to fit you & your family requirements before the day, so we can get through them quickly and efficiently but also with nobody important being forgotten. I like to keep the lists fairly short and the whole 'group' process to take less than 20 minutes so you can get back to enjoying your day, and not spend it all posing in group line-ups.

When planning your day, think about your couple photos and allow around 15-20 minutes for this. Its a good time to get some really stunning photos of just you both and also a good (and one of the only!) chances to be alone with each other and let what has actually just happened sink in before going back to your guests and the madness of the wedding. These photos don't have to be over-staged or posey (most of the best ones aren't!) but I can guide you through the process so you get the best from this time.

(Don't worry though, they'll be no peeking out from behind tree's, or theatrical posing required!)

At the end of the day, and this is something I can't stress enough; great photos always happen when you feel most at ease and comfortable. If you feel at all nervous or tense, it'll show in the photos you receive; so make sure whoever you pick to shoot your day, that they make you feel at home with them around.

Out of all the suppliers you choose for your wedding, your photographer is the one you spend the most time with on your actual day, so as well as choosing the right style of photographer, its about choosing the right person too.

If you've read this far, had a look at the images and think I could be the man to shoot your wedding for you, head over the contact page and let the journey begin!!

Tom x