So what's it going to cost??

Every wedding day is different with a different story to be told. I want to make sure I'm there every step of the way in order to tell that story in its fullest.

A typical 'Full-Day' for me is around 10 hours but I've been known to do longer in the past if needed. I don't limit this package by hours, I only leave when I feel I have enough photos to tell the story of your wedding day to its fullest and best.

That being said, If you do only need me for a few hours, please don't feel like I'm not for you.
Drop me a message on my contact page telling me what your looking for and we can almost definitely find something for you.

Whatever your day has in store and whatever your budget; the main thing is you want to book me for my style and approach to photographing your day, not the number at the bottom of the page.


Full-Day Coverage - From getting ready in the morning, until around an hour after 1st Dance, with all the excitement in between!

Lots of Photos! - A Minumum of 500 photos, but nearly always more! All creatively shot and edited in the style you see here.

Pre-Wedding ConsultationA good excuse to meet up and chat about your day. This will 100% make you feel easier about me taking your photo on the day.

Photos at you Fingertips! - A password protected online gallery of ALL your photos; so you, your family & friends can view and download them for FREE!

USB in a Box - All your photos will also come back to you on a USB in a keepsake box with a few prints and surprises too!

Licence to Print - This means you can print and share your photos as many times and in which ever format you like.

My Travel & Expenses - within 75 miles of PO2.
(If further afield than this, please state when enquiring.)


*If you are getting married midweek (Mon-Thurs) I offer a £200 discount to this price (excludes Bank Holidays)

* If you would like to book me further away than the included 75 mile radius, contact me and I can provide a quote for the extra mileage and possible overnight accomodation.


If you are nervous or unsure about having a camera pointed at you during your wedding; a pre-wedding shoot can be a great way to get used to being infront of the lens, with your partner before the big day arrives.
It will also give you a feel of how I work and also tends to make for better wedding photos as you're already well practiced!

2 Hour Shoot - Choose a location and have some fun with the one you love, in a place you love!

Photos! - At least 50 High-Resolution Photos, all edited by me in the style you see on the site.

Licence to Print - These images make great resource for Save & Dates & Invitations, Print & Share them as you wish!

My Travel & Expenses - within 30 miles of PO2. (If further afield, please state when enquiring.)



If you are getting married mid-week (Mon-Thurs) I do offer a £200 discount off my Full-Day Package.

However I do understand that some couples that opt for mid-week weddings have small numbers and shorter days overall.

  I do offer discounts on these small scale midweek weddings & elopements, so please e-mail for details on this.

(Please note the mid-week discount does not apply to Bank Holidays.)